Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Here it is Monday again and its time to party in our household. Today is my oldest's birthday. The big number three. Happy Birthday my Daisy Mae!

Last week, I tried a few new reciepes. Yep still looking for that perfect Mac'n Cheese dish, Chicken and Rice dish, and even a great homemade BBQ sauce.

I also did all my preparing last Monday for the week. And I'm here to report I LOVED IT!!!
It cut down on my dishes for one thing. It was also nice, cause It'd come around five or six I go to get dinner ready and all the prep work was done! I didn't have to change my dinner plans, for I had already gotten them prepared, they just needed cooked. I also didn't have to go to my storage unit, very often, since I did all my "shopping" on Monday. Like I said, I loved it. But because of partying today and Koda going on night shift, I'm going to have to change my preparing for this week to tommorrow. But that's ok, you learn that quickly has a mom, flexibility is a must.

So onto my menu plans for the week.


TUESDAY: Beef Stew

WEDNESDAY: Lasagna...Didn't have it last week, since I had none of the right cheeses so we had spaghetti instead, and we'll have lasagna this week.

THURSDAY: Extreme Nachos...Husband wants them, so we'll have them

FRIDAY: Hot Dog own reciepe, very good, the name doesn't do it justice


SUNDAY: Sweet and Sour Pork...Husband doesn't care for this type of food much, but he eats it for me.

What's your plans for this week???
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