Monday, October 11, 2010

Randomness Monday

I have so many random thoughts and ideas running through my mind, that I'm just going to do a list. 
  • With Koda working swings (gone from 12-noon- and home at 2am) we've been eating lunch about 11-11:30, which I've found, Daisy really likes and she actually eats lunch.
  • Page is growing up so fast. She is all into standing up next to everything and trying to cruise.
  • I must be getting old, for some shows with boys that I thought were SO CUTE!!! Look like little kids, totally! Example, Wally in Leave It To Beaver...
  • Elk Hunt is on, so the inlaws only have one thought on their mind. They are hunting the base of blue, so of course thats was my stomping ground growing up...ya totally didn't know there was elk and deer up there...I was trained to look for sheep, cows, and open gates. haha I'm a ranch girl.
  • On the downhill slide of my laundry.
  • Coke is amazing and gets the working man pants so clean.
  • My brother ran the Marine course at school for weight traing (it was optional) and he did it in 2:20, my sisters fiance is a Marine and he did it in 2:19...Way to go Carson You could be a Marine. He said No, its to hard he'll stick to ranching!
  • Got our family pics back. SO CUTE!
  • Got my Christmas cards made, just need to order them.
  • We are trying the potty training thing again, Daisy has decided that she wants to wear panties, so far, we've got the concept down of when I go I need to go to the bathroom and get new panties, hasn't sunk in yet that you have to get to the bathroom before you go.
  • My girls defintaly have Chew blood in them...slim pants only, especially Daisy now, since she's no longer wanting to have a truck butt and wants panties. Can't find anything that fits her in the waist or length, and she's short for her age!
  • I have no idea what to do for Christmas....No idea...
  • Was able to get my All about Christmas package done and shipped off...somebody should be getting a suprise oh about Thursday or Friday! I'll do a seperate post with pics later.
  • Made steak Kabobs for lunch. So delicious! Defintaly a keeper.
  • Daisy loves her puppies, they play together so good. I just hope they don't get to rough here in a few weeks.
  • Been watching the 10th kingdom...almost done.
  • I've got some craft projects and snack projects that I'm going to do with Rashell, now to figure a day to do it!
  • I'm trying to decide whether to do personal photo books each year for each of my kids or if I should just do yearly family books. I think I've decide to just do digital books and then but all my other pics on cd for the kids. I just don't have the room to store all those photos, and I don't have the time to scrapbook them, or put them in a photo album. What do you think?
  • I went through my phone pics and loaded them onto my computer...totally you want to see?
 Ok these first two pics happened today. Page Crawled out onto the porch and started to eat my dirt in my flower planter. She's done this before. She's not to happy  with the taste, but I had to capture the moment.



 This is a picture of the baby quilt I sent in to Fence Post Agriculture Quilt Contest in July. I had the material all cut out and ready, but I no longer wanted it. So since all the quilts entered into this contest went to charity I made it and entered it. It was the first time I've quilted with minky...not a fan...and I thought it wasn't the best, but it was going to charity so I sent it in. I recieved 2nd place...Way to go Marlynn!

 Daisy and Page with there Papa's puppies...these are about 4 weeks older then ours. So way wild right now. This was taken about three weeks ago.


 Daisy helping with Chores. She loves the horses, cows, and sheep. She loves to go riding any chance she gets. In fact today she informed me that She was going riding and went off marching towards the field to catch her horse. Ya she's my daughter.

Our family Picture for 2010. My good buddy Chelsie took these pictures and I love how they turned out. I'll post more pics later on.  
Hope you have a wonderful monday!

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