Friday, October 8, 2010

Momma Thoughts

Lately I've been thinking lots on the role of motherhood and how tedious, joyful, fullfilling, frustrating, and new it is. (Ok the list really goes on and on....) Your first baby it is a how new adventure. You have NO idea what your doing or how to do it...Its probably that way all through their life, for they are the first to hit those new stages. The following children are a bit easier, you've already had one, so you know what to try etc. Well I've come up with a list of things I've discovered helps me when I have to discipline Daisy and it actually seems to make the terrible two's not too bad...(eek Hope I have jinxed myself!)
  • When the fits start in the house I say "If your going to throw a fit, go to your room." She usually will stop and think about this and decide then if she's going to continue or stop. If she continue's I have to follow through and put her in her room. To bad I can't carry her room for when we are in the grocery store...
  • If she makes a mess...she helps cleans it up. I've only had broken eggs once...she has not repeated that one....yet....
  • Choose your battles and be consistant. You can't pick to fight jumping off furniture one day and not the next.
  • Follow through on all punishments and rewards. They do remember.
  • You've got to let some things go and not fight it or else you have what you would call a disobedient child and your relationship will be tough.
  • And my favorite thought from general conferance this week. "If it would offend you if you seen your children do it, then you don't do it...your the example."~ Sorry I can't remember who said it and I'm sure I kinda paraphrased it, but isn't it wonderful and so true!

So totally random but it may also be useful to those new parents with babies still. I know I've got a long ways to go and I'm excited for each step that we will be taking as parents.

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  1. I remember that quote from General Conference too. I can't remember from whos talk it came from either, but you are absolutely right. It is true and wonderful. I love reading your blog so keep posting!


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