Monday, February 20, 2012

Exciting News

I'm so excited!!! I have one solid floor in my kitchen!!!
I've been living with three different floors since July.

The "new" floor, the grand canyon, and then the old floor.
But not anymore.
Loving my kitchen remodel!

Hey life is going good here, crazy but good.
Sorry for the lack of posting, maybe sometime in the future I'll have more energy and memory when I do sit down at the computer, so I can type out some more posts!
Hope all ya'll are doing well!!

PS I know you were all excited that I was going to tell you baby # 4 was on its way....hahaha, not yet.


  1. yay for new floor!! ...and you almost got me :)

  2. What?! You're NOT pregnant? ;) I must admit, though we're definitely not planning on another baby, I'm getting that "I need a baby" itch now that Jensyn is 6 weeks away from turning one. I've never had a one year old without being pregnant...

    That said, I'm glad you are able to finally have a kitchen you'll enjoy. Mamas spend so much time in that one room; it might as well be a room you love! Enjoy!


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