Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guess What??

I am alive.
My kids are alive.
My husband is alive.
We are all doing great.
Just been not on the computer as much!!
I think I should invest in a Ipad just so I can sit in my bed and do a quick post.
Who agrees?
Here's some awesome pics of our life lately.
Tramp Jumping in January...what the heck?

A Sunday afternoon photo shoot

A small peek into the colors of a new quilt!

She informed me she was going to school. 

working on that crawling techique

Uncle Carson's Skiing Hat

First taste of an Oreo.
Oh yes...I'm that awesome of a mom. 

A stolen Pizza from her sister

New Pantry.

Never to young to learn solitare

She thinks this is her new jungle gym.
See our life has been busy and lots of fun!!!
Hopefully we get some more moisture before summer hits.

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