Monday, February 14, 2011

Really are you serious

On Friday I had yet anothers doctors appointment. (You know I've seen that guy a lot in the last three and half years.) I love him really I do. I also LOVE the fact that he treats me, koda, and the girls. I don't have to deal with a bunch of different doctors SO NICE!

Anyways, so he blew me away on Friday. Told me that I have gained to much weight in the past month and I should watch what I eat and maybe try excerising a little although he knows thats hard with two little kids and it being winter time. All I could think didn't say anything the last two pregnancies. Seriously. I hardley gain anything the first five months then month six hits and WHAM I'm pregnant, way pregnant. Another thing, I gain alot of weight during my pregnancies and all of it the last three has been proven twice now and going on a third time.

Well so then he measures me and is like, oh well thats probably why you've gained so much you've really jumped in measurments. (REALLY??? I'm shocked!) Then he says, your probably going to be all right, cause you are naturally thin and seem to lose the weight quickly. (NEWSFLASH). Okay really I thought it was odd. He also always tells me that I have such easy pregnancies and he's happy I'm an easy paitent. OH how I hope he doesn't jinx me.

So Happy Valentines Day!!! Ok really I think its a dumb holiday.....NEWSFLASH! I need some chocolate now.

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  1. yeah, he told me that too. :) Glad you are doing well.

    and i love discussion dog poop with you. :)


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