Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Little Miss Daisy

Here you go everybody. Daisy is now four months old and is just doing all sorts of things. She is eating some baby food now, and loves sweet potatoes. She loves to grab her toes, and can almost put them in her mouth. She still hasn't rolled over yet, its like she knows I want her to, so she doesn't, even though she probably can. Her favorite thing to do while laying on the floor by herself is take her blanket and pull it up over her head, then lets go and she squeals and kicks and flails her arms, I'm trying to get it on video, but she stops the minute she sees the camera, the little stinker. She is a little talker and can talk up quite a storm, it sure would be interesting to know what she's a saying, but I guess we have to wait. She also loves faces, and loves to grab mouths and noses, and beards. She loves her dads beard. She is so big, and funny. We still love her to death, and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. She went on her first horse ride up the the mountian, and she loved it. must be just like her mom.

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