Sunday, February 10, 2008

Remembering a Great Friend...

Sadly Missed, Always Remembered, Forever Loved

I'm sure God has a ranch in Heaven
A place for cowboys to call home
With dusty trails and deep passes
Where cows and horses freely roam

I picture you up on a ledge
Gazing at the draws below
Leaning forward with your hat pulled way down low

I can 'bout hear the leather creaking

When your gelding switches feet
Your spurs softly jingle in the wind
Your rope's tied on and coiled neat
There is contentment on your face

You're happy, but I can't pretend,
Though I'm glad you've made God's journey,
That I can truly comprehend

In my earthly ways I question
The reasons God took you away
I guess the timing was exactly right
To enter Heaven on that day

The only comfort I have found
That puts my grief to rest
Is that God only takes the top hands
Because His crew's the very best

We still cry and we sure miss you
And all the things that might have been
But God needed one more cowboy
And He felt you'd fit right in

So He sent down all His ranch hands
An Pony stood at their side
Then he softly whispered to you
"Saddle up Justin Its time to ride"


  1. What colt is that do you know?????

  2. My mom wants to know who wrote this poem??? and thanks for remembering


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