Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life up to now

Hey everybody. As you all know Koda and I started our new life together July 29, 2006. So as of today we have been married for a year and almost six months. And it has been a great year and six months. I continued my education in Logan in hopes of finishing someday and it looks as if that day is in site, May 3rd 2008. We can't wait for it to get here, the faster the better. Koda is ready for his crazy wife to move home and stay home instead of jumping from place to place.

Koda is still working for Bill Jr's Rathole Drilling which is actually Propetro now since Bill Jr's was bought out in Feb '07. He is always at work and never gets any rest with the hectic schedule he keeps. But being a rancher at heart, he comes home every night after working a 14 hour day to check his cows and his sisters horses, feed our dog, and fix anything that might need fixing.

The only new addition to our family of two is a hyper-jentic dog, Annabelle. She is a border-collie with all the energy in the world to spare. We got her in July and she is now 7 months old. She is really smart and possess a lot of instinct for herding animals (sheep, cows, goats, whatever moves). We really enjoy here and are excited to put her to work.

We are still living in our 27' mansion (our camper) and are getting ready for something bigger, but not ready to take that leap, so for now we will stay where we are at, and slowly inch towards the idea of having an actual house someday.


  1. thanks thanks....i added you to the side of my bar so now your blog is on there too. i want to see some prego pictures and see that belly so make sure you put some up! i will do the same but really i don't have much yet, but i will still put one up so you can compare before and after... haha you guys are having a girl right? i know you told me but i forgot. that is exciting. i kinda want a boy first (cause I have always wanted a big brother) but i will take either because you love them no matter what and eventually I want both anyways so really it doesn't matter. I don't think i want to find out what it is though but Luke does so I don't know what we are gonna do yet, but I really just want to be surprised!

  2. Sounds like things are going well fer` ya` cuz`!

    I'm glad to hear!

    I suspected you were pregnant when I saw you at the Christmas party. But didn't know till I received a letter from my mom along with some goodies.

    She mentioned that May may be the due date? Wouldn't it be neat if your baby happened to happen along on our birthday?

    Well, I'd best be getting going to class.
    Hope all is well.
    Look forward to seeing you on Saturday morn`.

  3. Hey it looks like we should be congradulating you on surviving marriage this long. Good luck with everthing.


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